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What Is Scalability Testing And How Does It Impact Performance?

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Observe client-side degradation, how end-users are involved in the load, and the stability of the server. Ensure your applications, website and digital services function across all browsers, OS and devices. Whether your team runs daily stands, is dedicated to lean development, or prefers agile workflows — our QA engineers will adapt to your routines and processes. We’ve seen small projects explode in popularity and large enterprise suites easily handle corporate mergers. Your data is ready when it shows you that you can achieve some of the key targets you defined at the beginning of the scalability test process. For example, NumPy, a Python package used to manage data types and arrays, has been releasing updates weekly.

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When carried out on software, hardware, and database, demonstrates the system’s ability to adapt to changes. The app can have an unexpected escalation in the number of users, CPU or memory usage that needs to be addressed. Testing scalability ensures that the system is responsive to the changing requirements and maintains smooth performance for users while optimizing development and operational costs. Not every performance problem can be detected in one performance testing scenario. In the middle are a series of performance tests that target the riskiest situations and have the greatest impact on performance. Also, problems can arise outside of well-planned and well-designed performance testing.

Test Strategy for Scalability Testing differ in terms of the type of application is being tested. If an application accesses a database, testing parameters will be testing the size of the database in relation to the number of users and so on. Conduct multiple performance tests to ensure consistent findings and determine metrics averages.

It makes sense to have a detailed scalability test plan before initiating test creation. Doing so will ensure the test is accurate per the application requirement. Here are some key points to consider to create a well-defined test plan.

Next, you can begin to list the software requirements for running the test. At this point, you’ll also need to configure the necessary hardware for execution. When setting your test environment, you’ll need to verify that it can withstand your scalability testing cycles.

What To Test In Scalability Testing

Stay up to date with the latest in software development with Stackify’s Developer Thingsnewsletter. A measurement of the total numbers of successful or unsuccessful requests. This calculation is a percentage of requests resulting in errors compared to all requests. Bottlenecking — This occurs when data flow is interrupted or halted because there is not enough capacity to handle the workload. Check out this success story to learn about the success tasted by a Scandinavian client that outsourced SaaS testing to speed up their product deployment without cost and time overhead.

Scalability testing

Response time determines the time taken by the server to respond or process a user’s request of the server under minimum load, threshold load and maximum load. In clustered environments, where the product load is distributed among multiple servers, scalability testing needs to measure the limit to which the load balancer distributes the load among the servers. For example, response time can be measured as the time taken by the user to enter the URL on a web browser to the time taken by the web page to load the content. It ensures that a software product can manage the scheduled increase in user traffic, data volume, transaction counts frequency and many other things.

Disadvantages Of Scalability Testing

Performance testing does not aim to find defects in the application, it address a little more critical task of testing the benchmark standard set for the application. Performance tests are designed to determine the performance of the actual system compared to the expected one. Load tests are designed to ensure that the system remains stable for a long period of time under load.

Scalability testing

Throughput is measured by the number of user requests processed in a unit of time. On the other hand, a database application is measured by the number of queries processed in a unit of time. An additional second in page-load time would cost them $2.5 million in sales every year. This is the reason conducting performance testing before the production phase is vital. Scalability testing helps find and quickly fix critical performance issues.

Best Practices For Scalability Testing

This is where performance testing helps ensure the application is ready to withstand different loads under different circumstances. Testers and developers use the terms scalability testing, load testing, and stress testing interchangeably, but they have many differences in reality. Launching a successful solution can be difficult, but making sure the success is sustainable can be difficult. Our scalability testing services will bolster your confidence in your business’s ability to sustain your growth rates unhindered by pesky software limitations.

Connect with Testbytes on social media or contact us to find out more about our scalability testing services… App performance varies significantly between various networks so that users can enjoy flawless performance. Scalability Testing strategy balances the defects during the development of the mobile apps treating usability as a critical priority without neglecting functionality.

  • Software developers are too experienced to need performance testing.
  • On the other hand, a database application is measured by the number of queries processed in a unit of time.
  • In contrast, scalability testing of a web server depends on the number of requests processed.
  • It’s well worth mentioning now that scalability testing falls under black box testing.
  • And now for brief explanations of these five scalability testing attributes.

Reports produced for this attribute should show what resources were added to beat the bottleneck. Recordings are made for small, intermediate, and excess amounts of users. Run-time data − Test plan should determine the run-time data needed to interact with the software product. Load distribution capacity − Analyze if the tool used for load testing can generate load from multiple devices, and whether it can be controlled and measured from a central point.

Performance Testing Vs Scalability Testing

With a low load of 20 users, the average time is 5.5 seconds, as we increase the load to medium and a high load , the average time increases to 9.5 and 18 seconds respectively. Alternatively, if measuring system statistics such as memory or CPU usage over time, this may have a different graph that is not proportional as users are not being plotted on either axis. This is why when creating a scalability test, it is important to scale up in increments.

Scalability testing

Meanwhile, you can check our super-informative blog to go through the latest updates in the world of software development. This will allow you to have a clear view of your software’s capabilities and ensure transparent communication between your development team and our QA engineers. If your business goals include rapid expansion, our QA engineers will make sure your software, website, or application is capable of growing as fast as you need it to. Scalability tests will allow you to be proactive in your project’s development, focusing on long-term ambitions instead of limiting yourself to your current opportunities. Put your scenarios to the test within the test environment you’ve created. If you’re working with a clustered environment, use a load balancer to make sure your requests are evenly distributed.

Vertical Scaling Vs Horizontal Scaling

Scalability testing can help you know what metric you should rely on to scale your infrastructure. In the case of horizontal scaling , a new server to share the load with the incumbent would be introduced to the network. This is a quick way to double or better the performance and capacity of your infrastructure. In order to simulate the loads on your network and applications, provide the testing agent with enough storage and processing resources. And now for brief explanations of these five scalability testing attributes. Since the concept of scale is bidirectional, the ability of a system to shrink on command should also be determined and reported.

Scalability testing

A type of non-functional testing, scalability testing does not seek to test a specific behavior but rather to evaluate your system’s ability to meet growth requirements. Typically, the number of user requests determines when to scale up or down. However, different systems can use other performance attributes to measure scalability.

The Precondition For Scalability Testing

Also, the workload may stay at the same level while resources such as CPUs and memory are changed. We have been pioneers in providing quality Scalability vs Elasticity services in India and abroad. Our team has testers with the expertise of providing bespoke testing services to customers after understanding their unique needs. Our repertoire includes cutting edge tools and technologies, and this allows us to deliver world-class services to our customers.

Stress testing became popular with the concept of software resilience engineering. It allows developers to identify the point at which applications fail due to extremely high usage. Undoubtedly, failures are going to happen, and it is best to be prepared for it. Stress testing will also demonstrate how your system responds and recovers.

In general, the more optimized is the product code, the lesser is the CPU usage observed. To minimize CPU usage, many enterprises use standard programming practices. For example, removing dead code in the product and reducing thread usage.

Also, since these are data-driven tests, you need to make sure all varying data has been defined and implemented in the process. While it is important to isolate functions for performance testing, the individual component test results do not add up to a system-wide assessment. But it may not be feasible to test all the functionalities of a system.

We have been using Flatworld Solutions’ service for the last four months for testing of our SaaS solution. They have been a professional and committed partner who has taken responsibility for the partnership. A dedicated project manager serving as a single contact point for customers can be offered as part of the service order. Flatworld Solutions offers a gamut of services for small, medium & large organizations.


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